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How To Make An Exfoliating Honey Mask

Honey is such a versatile ingredient for skin care it can be used as an ingredient in a toner, moisturizer, or as part of an exfoliating mask that we are going to make for this post. 

The ingredients are super simple, just pure raw honey and cornmeal in a 1:1 ratio. For a single mask just use 1 tablespoon of each ingredient and mix well in a bowl. If you were having a skin care party just increase each ingredient by one tablespoon for each person.

When thoroughly mixed apply to your face with gentle, circular motions with special attention to the nose, chin and forehead. Let honey exfoliating mask sit on for 10 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Your face should now feel clean and smooth, try once a week for regular exfoliating maintenance.

Written by Ruth Harrigan — May 17, 2017

Honey For Skin

Honey for skin

care is becoming more and more popular because honey is an excellent moisturizer (humectant) and antibacterial agent. Before modern day skin care was available honey was commonly used around the world for wound healing and minimizing the appearance of scars. Cleopatra’s beauty secret was honey. And now honey for skin care is becoming more common.
My wife Ruth and I are beekeepers and have worked with one of the leading all-natural skin care labs in the country to create a line of skin care products infused with raw honey from our beehives here in NYC. Our company (mee means honey in chinese) is based on using honey for skin care and adding the finest skin care ingredients from around the world to make your skin look and feel its best.

Benefits of Honey For Skin
According to “Honey contains the sugars glucose and fructose, natural alpha-hydroxy acids that exfoliate the skin. Natural exfoliates reduce the appearance of skin blemishes, which leaves the skin smooth and even in tone. When you wash the honey off your skin, a small amount remains in the pores. As a result, the sugars in the honey attract water from the air, which keeps your skin hydrated, and is important property of any skin blemish treatment.

Professor Peter Molan, a scientist from the Honey Research Unit at the University of Waikato, claims that all honey contains hydrogen peroxide at varying concentrations due to a specific enzyme that bees add to the honey. Hydrogen peroxide is a potent anti-microbial. Daily use not only minimizes the appearance of blemishes, but also prevents the recurrence of acne lesions, the cause of skin blemishes.”

And this is from the National Honey Board:

Nature’s Skin Care
“Manufacturers have used honey in everything from hand lotions and moisturizers to bar soaps and bubble baths. One reason they use honey is for its wholesome, all-natural image; more and more consumers are demanding cosmetics and personal care products made from natural ingredients. In the case of honey, however, image is just the beginning.

First, honey is a humectant, which means it attracts and retains moisture. This makes honey a natural fit in a variety of moisturizing products including cleansers, creams, shampoos and conditioners.”

We know you will love our skin care products because we create them with all natural ingredients and use them ourselves everyday!

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Ruth & Matthew Harrigan

Written by Matthew Harrigan — December 18, 2012

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